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Letter guidelines for the Daily American Republic:

1. The Daily American Republic welcomes the opinions of our readers in the form of letters to the editor, as long as the submissions are not in bad taste and refrain from attacking individuals without supporting documentation or a rational and legally defensible justification. In any event, the newspaper reserves the sole discretion to decide whether or not a reader submission will be published. Letters containing language or content that is blatantly offensive, or that the editor feels is inappropriate, will not be published.

2. All letters to be considered for publication must include the name and address of the the writer and a daytime telephone number where the writer may be reached during normal business hours.

3. All letters must be signed. The name and town of the writer will be published.

4. Letters on topics of general public interest must be 600 words or less.

5. Letters may be mailed or e-mailed. The mail address is Letters, Daily American Republic, P.O. Box 7C, Poplar Bluff, MO 63902. The e-mail address is dailyamericanrepublic@darnews.com.

6. Only two letters of general public interest each month from writers who submit more than one letter a month will be considered for publication.

7. Regarding letters about candidates: All letters of endorsement of or in opposition to candidates, as well as letters from or about candidates, will be published as Paid Election Letters and are subject to a fee of $25 for up to 100 words, plus an additional 50 cents per word beyond 100. Paid Election Letters are published on Saturdays in the Daily American Republic. All Paid Election letters received by 5 p.m. Wednesday will be published the following Saturday. To ensure publication, all last-minute Paid Election Letters must be received by 5 p.m. Wednesday two weeks before an election. Paid Election Letters are to be paid for by the letter writer. If paid by another entity, that information must be stated properly according to election laws. Payment for the appropriate amount must be received before a Paid Election Letter will be published. Paid Election Letters must include the writer’s complete mailing address, which will be published with the letter as required by Missouri election laws.

8. Letters regarding ballot issues other than candidates are subject to the same guidelines as letters on topics of general public interest. The deadline for ballot-issue letters is 5 p.m. Wednesday two weeks before an election.

9. These guidelines notwithstanding, the editor will make the final determination on the suitability of all letters submitted for publication.

We will not print material that is: • Unsigned letters • Containing personal attacks • Potentially libelous - Libel is any unsubstantiated or untrue statement that damages someone else’s reputation. You can disagree with someone, but you can’t claim they did something damaging unless you can prove it. • Discriminatory on any grounds - This includes discrimination based on age, ability, gender, sexual orientation, religion or culture. • Obscene - This includes any statement that is vulgar, profane or offensive. • Threatening - This includes personal attacks, intimidation, bullying or threat of harm against a person or organization. • Copyrighted or printed in another publication